Access Statements

We are able to provide access statements for the four main stages of development:

  1. Strategic (Client/Developer Statement) - (Recommended)
  2. Planning (Design and Access Statement) - (Compulsory in most applications)
  3. Design (Part M Access Statement) - (Recommended)
  4. Occupancy (Occupancy Access Statement) - (Recommended)

Access Statements should contain the following:

  1. Explanation of the policy and approach (inclusive design) to access being adopted
  2. A list of sources of advice and technical guidance used
  3. Details of any consultation planned and undertaken
  4. Details of any professional advice such as access audits or design appraisals
  5. Explanation of any specific issues which deviate from recognised sources of best practice, and how it is planned to overcome them
  6. Where good practice is not met, the access statement should say why and what the implications are for users
  7. Details of all management and maintenance practice necessary to maintain the accessibility of the building /and or space
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